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Jämjöhalvan – Half marathon and 10 K, 17 november 2012

Start and finish is at Jändelskolan in Jämjö, about 2o kilometers east of Karlskrona in Sweden. There are two different races:

  • 21.1 km, starting 10:30
  • 10 km, starting 10:45

Note that the different distances have different starting points. 21.1 km starts at the race area on Jändeskolan while 10 km will start 600 meters up on Torhamnsvägen.

Run course

An easily run loop of about 5 km that you run 4 or 2 turns depending on whether you run 21.1 km or 10 km.

The surface is varied asphalt and hard packed gravel.

Aid station

The run course offers one aid station that you are passing by each 5th kilometer. The station offers water and energy drink (Vitargo). There will also be a table by the aid station where you can keep your own energy.

Registration and entry fees

Please complete and submit your application here!

  • 21, 1 km, 200 SEK.
  • 10 km, 150 SEK.
  • Late entries +50 kr.

Entry fee paid into Swedish bank account, see payment details below, at latest November 9. Mark the payment with ”Jämjöhalvan, your name, class and distance.” Preregistration unpaid by this date is not considered complete.

Payee: Team Blekinge Löparförening
Bank: Swedbank AB
Account: 8169-5 923 460 373-7
IBAN: SE39 8000 0816 9592 3460 3737

Late entry (with the increased fee) is possible on site until 09:30 on race day.


Timing will be done with the timing system from Racetimer.


  • 21,1 km: Competition class and open class, men and women
  • 10 km: Competition class and open class, men and women .

Participation in the competition class requires membership by SFIF-affiliated association.

Locker / shower

Available in Jändelskolan which is open from approximately 9:00.


Join Team Blekinge and run free!

Membership costs 400 SEK for one person or 600 for a family. The fee is valid for membership in Team Blekinge 2013 and participation in Jämjöhalvan 2012


Prizes will be awarded to the top placements in competitive classes, women and men.

21,1 km

  1. 500 SEK
  2. 300 SEK
  3. 200 SEK

10 km

  1.  300 SEK
  2.  200 SEK
  3.  100 SEK

You also have the chance to win by your start number.

Refreshments and price ceremony

Price ceremony is expected to take place between 12:30 and 13:00.

Team Blekinge is inviting all participants into Jändel School after the race for a Swedish Fika – included in the entry fee.
Members of Team Blekinge and others are paying 20 SEK.


Swedish Athletic Association rules are applied during the race. This means that you must be born in 1995 or earlier for participating in the half marathon distance.

Participation in the competition class requires membership SFIF-affiliated association.

All participation is at your own risk.

Find us

Jändelskolan is located just outside central Jämjö. Drive towards Torhamn, signposted from the E22.

More information?

Questions can be sent to



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